Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beautiful Desk

Ok, this has nothing to do with my new desk...but the other day, for our valentine advent, we were to give each other "a small gift" of one of their favorite things...I made banana muffins...heart shaped ones were just for Chris, and he didn't have to share :) He brought me chocolates (awww, sweet) and Chips and French Onion Dip!!!!!! (squeel!!!) Sometimes, I feel like he gets me gifts with out truely thinking of what *I* would really want...but this one was so unexpected and showed that he was really thinking about something *I* would love. Isn't he so, SOOOO sweet? :)

Ok...the desk!
Here is her story (dont' know why it's a her...I just feel she is...)

Yesterday morning, Betty was combing her hair in the bathroom. Normally the bathroom door is closed so the baby doesn't reek havok in there...well, obviously, the baby was in the open bathroom with her sister. Usually that's not too big of a deal, so I was puttering around in the living room when I hear a collosal crash complete with breaking glass. I rushed to the bathroom to find the over toilet shelf thing across the floor and into the tub...under it, was all our hairbrushes, toothbrushes, q-tips (you get the idea) and it was all sitting among a plethora of broken glass. (Katie was a little spooked, but no-one was hurt luckily) So, instead of dishes and laundry and sewing like I'd planned, I spent my day cleaning up the bathroom. The only problem was that the shelf/cabnet thing wasn't going to go back. It had been in poor shape before, but after the fall...well, it just was done. My sister-in-law came over to drop something off and offered to take me to find a replacement. We decided to start at DI. We were going to stay focused and just look for bathroom organizing things, but of course we got sidetracked. While she was looking at some stools I spoted a little was cute and sturdy and I've been wanting a permanant home for my sewing machine. It would have been perfect. It had a few drawers(somethign my current computer desk is lacking) and would fit right in the spot next to my computer $30 I decided I'd grab it and had the furniture guy do up a tag for me. Then I turned around...I'd walked down this isle about 3 times already, but this was the first time I really looked at her. It was love!!!
(I know I say this a lot...but ignore the mess in the kids are making blanket tents this morning) I love the subtle details, and check out her hardware! She's completely sturdy, the drawers are on rollers and open like a dream. And, it was only $10 more then the desk I'd already picked. When the guys brought it out to the van, they chuckled cause I couldnt' stop from jumping up and down with pure joy! It doesn't fit in the spot I'd planned at all...I gave Chris first dibs on using it to replace his computer desk because I know he didn't like that we couldn't bring his bigger desk when we moved...but even if he uses it, it will be *my* desk. I know she needs a little love...but oh, I'm willing to give it to her! The one handle on the door is missing, but I think I'll replace it with a sweet knob. I think I may paint her too...maybe white or black or deep brown, but I'm really not sure yet, but I'm kinda leaning toward a nice glossy black. I think that would make her pretty handles really pop out. What do you guys think? It will be a good while before I get it done, but I'm so excited to have her home!

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