Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feeling a little frustrated....

So, my awesome table that I get giddy at the very thought on hold :( We were waiting to get the suburban fixed so we could get the lumber for it...turns out the suburban would cost about twice as much to fix as it's now we are on hold waiting to figure out what we are going to do for a second has to be something I can haul kids and furniture with. In the midst of this, we are looking for a new place to rent...something with a garage where I can work on all my projects. So, the spot I was going to put my perfectly pretty new farm table won't be my spot to put something, so I'm kinda waiting to find out what my new spot will look like before I build so I can build something the right size for that spot.

So, I'm feeling frustrated and like my projects have all been put on hold while I find a house and shop for a ... truck probably? So I will try to post some cool stuff...I do have a couple things I'm slowly working on...but please don't give up on me if you don't see much from me for the next while. When I get a garage/workshop I have all kinds of awesome that will be happening :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Because my husband is sick of listening to me ramble about it...

and this is my blog, so you can't stop me from rambling if I want to :p Plus, I'd love to hear if any of my readers actually have any insight on my ramblings....

Ok, My last post mentioned that I'm going to be building a new table. I linked to these plans from Knock off Wood. I absolutely LOVE this site! Her plans are so simple to follow and there are so many examples of what other people have done using these plans. This one is a fairly new plan and I haven't seen a picture of it yet. The pictures she put in that post are random farmhouse pictures...which are ALL awesome! Then she linked to this post with some more pictures of tables and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this one. (swoon with me now!)

I adore the chunky legs (would you say those are 4x6? I would...), and the color and distressing is perfect. I also really like the lower supports and stretcher. My husband is discouraging any lower supports or stretcher because...well, he's tall and doesn't want anyone to have to deal with them when they have to sit on the ends. Also, I'm not sure how to support the overhang outside of the apron, so I dont' want that much space between the legs and the end of the table. Both of us like the look of a table without the breadboard on the ends. Those are the boards that run the width of the table on the ends. (the above table *has* breadboards...this next one does not...)
(from Scandinavian Retreat)

See...boards that are cut square at the ends...we both like this look better. But I feel this table looks a little fragile. The legs are too thin....and I want something that really *looks* like it will take the test of time.

Ok next up....

Knock off Wood has plans for this table on her site (here). Her plans for this one are really very good too... again, my husband veto'ed the lower supports, and there's the breadboard again...However, looking at this picture of the RH table we both oooohh'ed at the heft of the table top...go back and check out how THICK those boards are! And nice and wide, too! Plus the nice thick table legs....but we're not sure how they will do support wise without the lower supports using the plans she has here...hmmm....(also...reclaimed wood! look at that color...swooning again!)

So, with all these thoughts in mind, I was browsing older posts on Knock off Wood and came to this "how-to" post...She has a couple videos of how she does the legs on the Hyde tables. That "double apron" (that's what I'm calling it anyway) thing she does really looks like it would give a lot of stability to the legs, don't ya think? I do! But the only plans for Hyde tables are coffee table, end table and console table...still....

So, with the help of my husband I've found the solution! We are using the directions for the Hyde legs/apron and sizing it to fit our table(no lower supports and nice thick legs). We're using the top like the narrow farmhouse table so we don't have breadboards, but using 2x8 boards for the top instead of 1x8's like she has in her plan (nice hefty top to go with the nice hefty legs!). The top is going to be 36 in wide (or close to will be 5 boards wide...) and 6.5 feet long. This will easily put 3 chairs on the side of the table with options for people on the end. And it fits perfectly where I want it. Woot! I know how to build it now!

Next up...the finish...I was watching some tutorials because I've read all kinds of techniques for this, but I was wanting to see the results with my table in mind. There was one where she stained...put the stain on then wiped it right off, kind of making it uneven in places. The she let it dry, then distressed with a chisel and sander, then she used a black glaze, wiping it off after just a few seconds (oh, here it is...but she is REALLY annoying to watch, so I'm just linking to the last one that shows the results after the glazing. She does some more paint steps, but I'd stop after the first glaze)....I *think* if I use a stain that is gold-ish (but NOT orangy!) then black glaze, I'd get a look a lot like the James Merrell table. I'd also add in some deeper cuts in the legs and maybe some other steps to beat it up while distressing. Then finish with a satin clear coat...Glossy seems to feel out of place for this, but I think satin would give it a nice sheen that's not too much while protecting it from all the spills my little girls are going to inflict on it.

So, are you as excited for me to actually start this project as I am? I'd totally be doing it right now...if I had a way to get the boards home. My tools have shipped, and if they get here before my suburban is fixed, then I'm going to call my cousin with a truck and have her help me get them here :)

Did any of you even get though that ramble? lol...I know, it's a lot, but that has been what's on my mind, and I can't seem to concentrate on anything else!