Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Katie's first design choice

While moving, I was noticing that the hand me down crib that we've used with all three girls was looking rather tired and starting to get some chippy paint in places, so I decided to refinish it. At the store, I picked up a light pink spray paint for it and asked Katie if she wanted to paint her bed...she replied "no...PINK!" and pointed at the BRIGHT pink can. All right then...it's her bed, after all. So we went PINK!

Wouldn't this piece of art look cute in here? I think I have some old canvases I'm not using right now...

In other news...we are working on our table. We brought the boards in so we could see how the size looked in our space. We decided on a 7 foot table. We decided which sides would be the tops, and jointed the sides and have them ready to glue up when the new clamps get here (expected tomorrow). We also got the legs cut to size. I'd like to run a sander over them to clean the up just a bit before putting the apron together. Plus, we are working with slightly different sizes then I'd planned. The 4x4's were pretty rough, so we went with 4x6 legs (YAY for hefty legs!) Plus, the 2x8 we'd planned for the tops were not very straight, so we switched to 2x10s. These aren't huge differences, but enough that I need to re-figure the apron lengths. (have I mentioned that I'm excited about this project? I'm NOT excited to help carry it into the house, cause it is going to be SOOOOO heavy! but I'm excited to get it in here)

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  1. I LOVE the pink crib. So cute! And can't wait to see your table done.