Sunday, May 9, 2010

Table building is so much fun!

We have the table top all put together now. These are pictures of us gluing it all up. We did it upside down so we could use the ribs to help support and pull it all into line.

Peeking at the top side...

Chris tightening the clamps...
Ok, I think I've decided I need to have my brother just follow me around and take pictures for my blog. I'm sure you can all tell the difference from when he is hanging out and when I'm just snapping shots...

So, the table top, legs, and apron will be ready for final sanding and (hopefully) stain tomorrow (I'm finishing the pieces before assembling it all). The apron is a couple nails from being complete, the legs are sanded, and all the knots are filled on the top. It's really starting to look like a table :)

So tomorrow I have to make a final decision on the stain color. The original plan was for a honey color stain with some darker glaze to bring out the imperfections, but that was in our old place where we had off-white walls. Her we walls...hmm...let's see if there is a picture...ok, if you look in my last post you kinda can see it...I'm actually kind of liking this color. Especially when I put a creamy white against it. So I'm pretty sure I'm going to look for chairs that can be mismatched, but all creamy white, and I *think* I want to go darker with the table because I'm worried a honey color would blend into the wall color too much. Plus, the floor is a darker wood and we had a darker wood table in here for a few days and I liked the way it brought that dark wood color up into the room.

Hopefully we'll have pictures of a finished table tomorrow or the next day!

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  1. My initial thought was a dark stain as well.