Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Switching gears

When I set up this blog, the idea was for it to be a place to plan and post about projects I did with my kids. As they have gotten older and busier with school, we started doing a lot less of that, and my focus is switching from just a full time mom, to trying to find ways to supplement our income while Chris is in school. My plan is to really start refinishing, refurbishing, and re-purposing furniture to sell, or taking in custom work if anyone has any. So, my blog, I feel, needs to reflect that. I've had a business in the past with the name Set Interiors, so I've decided to go back to that with a new blog that reflects these new focuses. I'll leave this blog up and may post here from time to time if something seems fitting, but you will be able to find my regular furniture and interior design posts at http://setinteriors.blogspot.com/ I hope that you will all check it out. As of right now, it's not terribly pretty, but I'll be working on cleaning it up over the next couple days as well as adding posts on projects I've recently finished and ones I'm working on. Be sure to become a follower so you don't miss anything exciting.

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