Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My new treasure!

So, I'm at the thrift store yesterday, and was just about to call it quits. I'd found a couple closet rods, and grabbed a couple of forks and spoons (our new house has a bigger dishwasher, and I'm finding we are running out before the dishwasher is full...). I also found a sweet little vase that works perfectly with my "orange" stuff, and Katie found a cute sun hat she had to have. They were all things I needed, but I didn't feel like it was an awesome thrifting experience. On my way out, I noticed a couple big things in the furniture section were being taken to the back...and experience shows that if you wait just a few minutes, they will bring out *something* to fill the empty spot...so I stood right there in case it was awesome and there would be a race for it....after a minute, the nice man showed up with...

Cool, hu?! I was right there, so I was looking at it first, but there were three other people hovering over my shoulder, so as soon as I was sure it was in good condition I grabbed it! I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do with it, but it is beautiful and it awesome condition. the top could use a light sand and maybe a finish...but I like it the way it is, too... I was thinking it would be cool laid flat and used for my computer desk...and it's totally stable enough for that, but Chris thinks it wouldn't work because of the legs and not being able to really get a chair under it. I may insist on it anyway :)

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